My projects

  • Instabody
    Instantaneous body diary using your voice.
  • Hearts
    "Best hearts game hands down
    ★★★★★ by mat7h3w
    Great graphics. Runs super smooth on my iPad Air 2. Easy to play, hard to master. People should really consider giving it a try. All the other hearts (spades) games out are rigged. You either get sucked into an endless "freemium" black hole, or you get only AI opponents that make Bart Simpson look like Einstein."
  • Tarot
    "Very Good Slovenian Tarok App
    ★★★★★ by Oh what up
    This app is perfect for a mobile version of Slovenian Tarok. Works great on both my iPad and iPhone. Layout and interface is smooth and gorgeous."
    Tarot is fully localized as Tarock in German, Tarok in Slovenian.
  • KeyTabs
    Safari (macOS) extension - close tabs with a keyboard: left tabs (Option-W), right tabs (Ctrl-W).