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AWS & PostgreSQL; Elixir & Python; iOS.

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A royal road to Kubernetes on AWS - part 0

This will be the first in a series of posts on how to set up a production-grade Kubernetes (k8s) cluster on AWS EKS. The series aims to be a piecing together of dissociated documentation and best practices, with a few touch-ups of my own. The end goal is a distilled, yet hopefully comprehensive…

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Automated permissions testing

Previously we've covered deeplinks with automated tests. Let's now do the same for permissions. We'll only showcase doing so for notifications, but the same would apply to others: camera, photos, location, calendar, reminders, microphone, etc. UI testing power-up First we need to empower UI testing…

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Automated deeplinks testing

UI testing under iOS 11 has the ability to interact with other installed apps. Specifically, got a new constructor that takes a bundle ID. Let's see how we use this to put our deeplinks under automated tests. Overview What you basically do is create a helper-app, in below examples, that merely…

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Distilled iOS development tips

A collection of how-tos & tips related to iOS development. How to get more accurate Xcode test coverage The natural next step from testing your code, perhaps even in a test-first manner, is knowing how much of your code is covered by these tests. To do that, you have to first open the and tell…

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