About me

A cloud engineer, currently specialised in AWS, Elixir and Phoenix.

I’ve been programming since high school, cutting my teeth/hands on the good ol’ LAMP stack. I love to build and automate things, and always have an ongoing side project. With a B.Sc. in Computer Science (thesis).

When away from computers, I enjoy learning instruments (a Linkin Park cover on an acoustic guitar), playing football, and tinkering with electronics.


One of the oldest card games, quite popular in Central Europe, made for iPhone and iPad. It has both a single- and a multi-player mode. Early versions even had a 3rd mode, a multi-player mode via Bluetooth: the devices communicated directly with each other in a mesh, without a central router.

It’s fully localized as Tarock in German, Tarok in Slovene.


It was also designed by me, for what it’s worth. Tarot is one of the oldest known card games, hence the skeuomorphic, textile design. Below is a closeup of a part of the main screen.

Skeuomorphic, textile design

A review from the App Store:

“Very Good Slovenian Tarok App
★★★★★ by Oh what up
This app is perfect for a mobile version of Slovenian Tarok. Works great on both my iPad and iPhone. Layout and interface is smooth and gorgeous.”