Instabody (WIP)

A voice-driven food diary app, leveraging Siri and Google Assistant:

"Hey Siri, add 1 cup of orange juice to Instabody" 👇

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The market for food & fitness related apps is relatively mature, so the voice-interface, as proposed above, could be a differentiating feature. Instabody will also provide detailed tracking, of not only macro-nutrients but also micro-nutrients and vitamins.

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And it will adjust the recommended values (RDAs) for pregnant or lactating women.

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A card game I built during B.Sc. studies. Works on iPhone and iPad, and has both a single- and a multi-player Fully localized as Tarock in German, Tarok in Slovene.

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It was also designed by me, for what it's worth. Tarot is one of the oldest known card games, hence the skeuomorphic, textile design. Below is a closeup of a part of the main screen.


A review from the App Store:

"Very Good Slovenian Tarok App
★★★★★ by Oh what up
This app is perfect for a mobile version of Slovenian Tarok. Works great on both my iPad and iPhone. Layout and interface is smooth and gorgeous."


I am a software developer, currently working with AWS and PostgreSQL as my foundations, Elixir or Python on the backend, and Swift on the frontend.

Yours truly
Yours truly

  1. Early versions even had a 3rd mode, a multi-player mode via Bluetooth: the devices communicated directly to each other in a mesh, without requiring a router.